Why is Physical Security Important?

Nowadays, most businesses spend a great number of their resources on cybersecurity solutions to protect their digital assets and infrastructure. While this is obviously very important, most of the time, physical security is certainly overlooked.

Now, we’re not telling you to drop all your cybersecurity efforts to favor a more physical strategy. What we suggest is a holistic approach to security because, after all, if your digital assets are safe, but your employees aren’t, then you might have a bigger problem brewing.

Up next, we’ll go over the generalities of physical security and why it’s more important than you think!

What’s It All About?

Physical security’s main goal is to keep assets safe by using tools like gates, alarms, and security personnel. The assets safeguarded by physical security vary from company to company. Still, they usually deal with IT servers, warehouses, and, most importantly, the company’s personnel.

Good Physical Security Practices

Physical security can make a workplace a whole lot better! And, while every case is different, there are general practices that are considered basic and positive for most work environments.

First Line of Defense

This works as a way to maintain people outside of your premises. Normally, a good practice is to use fenced walls that prevent bypassers from entering. Also, it’s a good idea to have gates and security personnel monitoring that everything is working properly and smoothly.

In-House Defense

Inside the building, it’s important to have the different areas compartmentalized. What do we mean by this? Well, suppose certain areas are for a specific set of team members. In that case, you should enforce this regulation by using locks or access cards!

Last Point of Defense

Finally, what most security professionals recommend is to have multiple layers of authentication within your facility. These include but are not limited to smart cards, biometric id and real-time clearances made so that only the team members cleared for a specific area can access it.

Leave it to the Physical Security Pros!

Physical security is a world within itself! There are many variables at play. Developing the right physical security protocol or plan can use up a considerable amount of time if you’re not well-versed in the subject.

If you’ve been thinking about developing a solid physical security protocol, you’re in luck! At The Gadite Group, we offer you that and much, much more! Get in touch now, and we’ll help you get everything you need!



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