What Is The Main Function Of A Security Patrol Officer?

Since the pandemic started, the crime rates in Los Angeles have increased significantly. More than 400 crimes were reported in just the first 24 weeks of this year.

Whether it’s a business or a residence, strong vehicle patrol services work as a security barrier for any property or individual. It has been proven that in a city like L.A., locations without a patrol presence are more likely to be targeted by various crimes. Security patrols are committed to providing peace of mind that your life and assets are safe and secure.

Top 4 Duties Of A Security Patrol Officer

Here are the key responsibilities of a patrol officer:

1. Inspect & Monitor

The biggest threat to a property is unauthorized access to its premises. All the existing entrances and exits need to be monitored, and the property’s surroundings need to be patrolled constantly. At The Gadite Group Inc, we offer video surveillance to give officers a better advantage.

2. Contact the Authorities

During an emergency situation, patrol officers act as a trustworthy resource and point of contact with the authorities. At The Gadite Group Inc, our officers are trained to observe and gather the information needed for the fire or law enforcement authorities to do their jobs.

3. Detain

Patrol officers have the right to issue warnings or detain any individual who commits offenses to the protected property or subject. The officer also has the power to allow or deny access if needed.

4. Protect the Reputation

Respecting legal requirements, patrol services are meant to preserve stability and reputation. Officers are trained to control delicate situations before they go out of hand and prevent any damage or misbehavior that may put the person or organization in the spotlight.

Your Life And Assets In Good Hands

Security patrol services are a convenient solution to keep yourself and your organization safe. The Gadite Group Inc. has the best fleet of security patrol officers in the area. We complement our patrol services with tracking technology that allows our customers to get updates sent to their mobile devices and have peace of mind that everything is under control.



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